Asian BP Championships 2022

A Legacy of Champions

Bali. January 2023. The Crown of Asian Champions returns.

We are pleased to unveil that a bid will be placed by EduDrift to have the Asian BP Championship hosted in Bali, Indonesia. Bringing the crowning regional event in debate and public speaking back to the stages, in-person for the first time in 3 years. Featuring 6 consecutive days of argumentative action, and a total of 80 teams from all over Asia, this will mark the return of the event to Southeast Asia.

In our constant efforts to make the event and its broadcast as exciting and accessible as possible, we’re experimenting with a slightly different execution that includes more participation and a greater build to the Breaks. Here’s how we’re structuring it this year:

The Preliminary Rounds will run from January 11-12 — featuring 6 rounds of competitive debating with 80 teams battling to make the Open Break. All participants will be competing in the accommodation hotel, featuring 3 rounds that will conclude before the sun sets. Teams unable to attend in-person due to COVID restrictions will be able to tune in and compete virtually. After 6 competitive rounds, the qualifying teams will then battle through the Elimination Playoffs at the venue's Conference Rooms on January 14, where the field will narrow even further. The final 4 teams of each qualifying category will advance to the Finals at Grand Ballroom of the hotel on January 15 — where the Crown of the Asian Champions will hang in the balance.

Looking Forward

The EduDrift team is hard at work on the upcoming Council Announcement update which includes not only the traditional tournament information, but also several exciting new features and a COVID-19 disruption measure. Because this bid is an in-person one that is wedged in between two World Championships, we are proposing for it to happen in January 2023.