Pre-Event Update: China Juniors '22

As spring winds arrive with participants all set for the junior national championships of the China playoffs, it's time to welcome the event update — the anticipated prepared motions arriving from the Chief Adjudicator.

Prepared Motions

The Junior Championship format features a prepared topic in the second round of the tournament on Day 01. Participants have a little more than a week to speak with their coaches, research with the help of the internet and rehearse their speeches for a showdown on the topic given. Teams must prepare for both sides of the topic (proposition and opposition) and will be given their side in Round 2 with 15 minutes to get ready. During the additional 15 minutes of preparation, all participants are allowed to speak to their coaches and use the internet if required. When the debate commences, no external communication will be permitted.

Round 02 Debate Motion

This house would pay stay-at-home mothers a salary.

Info slide: A stay-at-home mother is a mother who chooses not to seek formal employment and chooses to raise their children and manage the household. 

Grand Final (Open Category) Debate Motion

This house would allow employers to access, or request access to, the criminal records of job applicants.

Info slide: Criminal records are records in the national database of individuals indicating if an individual was convicted of a crime and/or have been previously imprisoned.

Grand Final (10-and-Under Category) Debate Motion

This house would ban the private ownership of cars.

Info slide: The private ownership of cars is the practice of owning cars for personal use.


Elimination Round Information

In order to qualify for the 10-and-Under Category (U10) break, all team members must not have crossed their 11th birthday. Should a U10 team rank in the top 8 teams of the tournament, they will proceed to the Open Category Quarter Finals. Only U10 teams who did not qualify in the Open Category Quarter Finals will be eligible to compete in the U10 Semi Finals and/or U10 Grand Finals.

Teams who are uncertain if they will make the Open Grand Finals or the U10 Grand Finals should prepare both topics.