The Asian School Champions

The Asia Schools Open has finished, and after two days of intense debating and critical thinking, Ateneo de Manila Senior High School from the Philippines have emerged victorious. Congratulations to Daniella Louise S. Barbacena, Ivan Gabriel S. Valenzuela, and David Bejarin on their impressive performance.

The Ateneo Senior High School team started the tournament with a strong showing during the preliminary stage, winning four out of five of their rounds as they seeded top in the teams proceeding to the Quarter Finals. Their only loss was in the fourth round where they lost by 1.5 point margin to the second seeded team from the Shanghai American School. With a comfortable folding bracket in the elimination rounds, they rallied and secured wins against teams from Vietnam and China to reach the Grand Finals. Unfortunately a rematch with the team from Shanghai American School was not meant to be as they lost out in the Semi Finals.

The South Korean team comprising of students from Seoul International School awaited them in the finals and took the topic on restricting patent protection to technology companies with significant market share in convincing fashion. The team focused on the harms of stifling innovation and its effect on society; however, the trio from Ateneo showed their resilience once again, securing the all seven votes in unanimous decision to crown themselves the Asian champions in the Asian 3-on-3 format.

In the 16-and-Under Category, South Korea team comprising of members Rylee Ahn, Hannah Choo, Terry Chung were crowned U16 Champions with the successful defence of the commercialization of cloning.

We’d like to thank the teams that battled their way through the Spring edition of the Asia Schools Open, with teams coming from all over Asia, and all the fans and family who watched and supported them — it was truly exciting to feel the energy of the audience through the cheers. We look forward to seeing what happens in the upcoming Asia Schools Open - Summer Edition, featuring a playoff in the British-Parliamentary format from September 10-11 and return of in-person Asia Schools Championships in Bali from January 14 to January 15, 2023.

Time is running short for teams to prove they belong amongst the best in the region — those who deserve a spot at the Annual Finals of the Asia Schools Open fighting for the crown that awaits in Bali, Indonesia this January.