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"Debating is mostly about training oneself to become a lifelong learner."

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    Julia Isabelle Ocoma, an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila University, was a varsity member of the Ateneo Debate Society, one of the most prestigious debate institutions in the world. With years of hard work and dedication, Julia now holds many global titles including breaking into the prestigious World Championships. Fully aware that she could not have done that alone, she believes that coaching is the best way to give back. For Julia, debating is mostly about training oneself to become a lifelong learner. Having coached International Champions, as well as National Finalists and Best Speakers, she considers the success of her students as one of her greatest achievements. She derives fulfilment in seeing them learn and grow.

  • EduDrift Debate


    Worlds Octofinalist, 2021

    Nationals Champion, 2021

    Doxbridge Worlds Semifinalist, 2021

  • EduDrift | Judge


    Judge, Asia Junior Debate Championships, 2022

    Judge, Korea National Championships, 2022

    Judge, Cambridge Championships, 2021

Watch Julia in Action

  • In the above video, catch Julia O. covering the general approach, how to set up the stance of both sides and some arguments to run if you are on either side of the debate.