Minerva University

Revolutionizing the world through higher education with a purpose.

The Hallmarks of Minerva University

  • Revolutionizing Education

    Minerva University's student-oriented philosophy allows you to experience the world while teaching you the skills needed to change it.

  • Challenging Curriculums

    Minerva pushes you out of your
    comfort zones through dedicated
    curriculums designed to help you
    achieve the peak of your growth.

  • Global Experiences

    With 7 residential halls around the
    world, Minerva provides you with
    the platform to thrive and yourself with different cultures.

  • Specialized Programs

    Minerva offers major program
    concentrations inbusiness, arts &
    humanities, social sciences, computational sciences, and natural sciences.

  • Career Development

    Minerva employs teams devoted
    to individualized career advancement, from personal coaching and talent development to employer outreach and matching.

  • Full Engagement

    Interaxr with your peers and professors during classes and build relationships while developing transferable skills and knowledge in an active learning environment.

Academic Programs and Concentrations

  • Arts and Humanities

    Historical Forces

    Humanities Analyses

    Philosophy, Ethics, and the Law

    Arts and Literature

    Humanities Applications

  • Business

    New Business Ventures

    Scalable Growth

    Enterprise Management

    Brand Management

    Strategic Finance

    Managing Operational Complexity

  • Computational Sciences

    Computer Science and AI

    Computational Theory and Analysis


    Contemporary Knowledge Discovery

    Data Science and Statistics

    Applied Problem Solving

  • Natural Science

    Molecules and Atoms

    Theoretical Foundations of Natural Science

    Cells and Organisms

    Research Analyses in Natural Science

    Earth's Systems

    Problem Solving in Complex Systems

  • Social Sciences

    Cognition, Brain, and Behavior

    Theory and Analysis in the Social Sciences

    Economics and Society

    Empirical Approaches to the Social Sciences

    Politics, Government, and Society

    Designing Societies

  • Cornerstone Courses

    Formal Analyses

    Empirical Analyses

    Multimodal Communications

    Complex Systems

Contact Information

University representatives

For prospective students, parents, and counselors seeking information about Minerva University, please contact your local representatives at: outreach@minerva.edu

General Information

If you have a general question about the Minerva University, please email us atinfo@minerva.edu.


If you have a specific question about admissions at Minerva University, please email us at: admissions@minerva.edu.