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"Debate is mostly instrumental in building character and increasing knowledge."

Learn Debating from Aly

    Alessandra Barranda is studying at Ateneo De Manila University and has been debating competitively for some time now. Aly believes, that debate is mostly instrumental in building character and increasing knowledge. As a debate coach, Aly values her students to be competitive but she believes that it should come at an expense of enjoying debate as an activity. She teaches her students skills and information that are value-adding and applicable to their lives outside of debate through a manner of teaching that is both disciplined and empathetic. As an adjudicator, Aly always enters rounds without any biases on the topic or debaters and makes a decision irrespective of what achievements other debaters in the round are known to have to preserve the fairness and integrity of the sport. Aly always makes sure to aware her students of their progression and commends them when necessary. She fosters an environment that is conducive to learning in the sense that students get relevant and direct feedback while also knowing that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes.

  • EduDrift Debate


    Asians Quarter Finalist, 2020

    Nationals Grand Finalist, 2020

    Regionals Quarter Finalist, 2021

  • EduDrift | Judge


    Asia Juniors Debate Championships, 2022

    World Schools Quarter-finals Judge,2021

Watch Alessandra in Action

  • In the above video, catch Alessandra B. covering the general approach, how to set up the stance of both sides and some arguments to run if you are on either side of the debate.