We are bringing events back offline!

After two years of virtual debating, we are launching the flagship event for debaters and public speakers LIVE and IN-PERSON! In January, EduDrift will unite more than 500 students from the elementary school level to the varsity level with world-renowned debate specialists in a space where they could learn, share, and engage about debate and public speaking topics at the Asia Debating Conference (ADC) 2023. At the two-day conference, participants will be able to hold conversations with experts to intimately learn the art and science of debating from the best in the field.


  • Seminars

    Join discussions and learn from internationally acclaimed debate and public speaking specialists

  • Workshops

    Engage with other delegates and complete rigourous activities in a fail-safe environment

  • Travel Abroad

    Cease the opportunity to travel abroad after two long years of remote learning and virtual events

  • Competitive Debating

    Test your skills and aptitude by competing in major flagship debating tournaments.

  • Networking Sessions

    Scout promising students, potential schools, and collaborators through ADC's social networking events

  • Culture Exchange

    Meet new friends and build meaningful relationships with peers from different corners of the world

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