Asia Junior Debate Championships Bali 2023

  • Dates

    14-15 January 2023

  • Format

    Hybrid (In-Person | Virtual)

    Junior Asian Parliamentary (3v3)

  • Eligibility

    07-13 years old

    Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Tournament Schedule

  • Day 01

    08:00 Check-in and Attendance
    08:15 Welcome Ceremony

    08:30 Round 1 — Motion Release
    09:00 Round 1 — Start of Round

    10:30 Round 2 — Motion Release
    11:00 Round 2 — Start of Round

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 Round 3 — Motion Release
    13:30 Round 3 — Start of Round

    15:00 Round 4 — Motion Release
    15:30 Round 4 — Start of Round

    16:30 Final Confirmation of Age Category
    17:00 Welcome Socials
    18:30 End of Day

  • Day 02

    08:00 Check-in and Attendance
    08:15 Morning Brief

    08:30 Round 5 — Motion Release
    09:00 Round 5 — Start of Round

    10:00 Break announcements
    10:30 Open Quartes, U10 Semis — Motion Release
    11:00 Open Quartes, U10 Semis — Start of Round

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 Open Semis, U10 Grands — Motion Release
    13:30 Open Semis, U10 Grands — Start of Round

    14:30 Open Grands — Motion Release
    15:00 Open Grands — Start of Round

    17:00 Championship Dinner and Awarding Ceremony
    18:30 End of Day

Tournament Benefits

What sets apart an EduDrift competition? From getting access to video resources to experiencing post-round commentaries from our Adjudicators, you can take a look at all the things you can learn by just participating in the competition, giving you access to improving your debating skills throughout.

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Tournament Rulebook

To understand tournament's rules, structure and format, click below.

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Catch a glimpse of all the exciting awards, prizes and recognitions conferred to the participants and winners of Asia Junior Championships.

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Tournament Judges

Take a look at the group of EduDrift's stellar international adjudicators who will be lending their debate expertise and providing constructive feedback to the participants in the tournament.

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