• Dates

    14-15 January 202

  • Format

    Hybrid (Bali, Indonesia | Virtual)

    Asian Parliamentary (3v3)

  • Eligibility

    13-17 years old

    Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Event at a Glance

269 USD registration fee per individual
inclusive of:

  • 5 Preliminary Rounds

  • Exhibition Debates

  • Participation Certificate

  • Performance Assessment Report

  • Socialization Night

Tournament Schedule

Learning Outcomes

Develop Critical Thinking

Debate enhances a student’s ability to produce well-reasoned arguments and criticallyexamine evidences.

Learn from Experienced Judges

All judges in the tournament have competed in Australs, Asian, or World Debating Championships and have passed EduDrift’s stringent specialist certification criteria.

Experience Diversity

Students and judges from different regions across the world congregate in the tournament and provide participants with the opportunity to learn skills from different cultures.

Gain Access to Video Resources

Every round in the tournament will be accompanied by a video of a proposition-opposition exchange executed by top debating talents in the world.

Stay Informed on Current Events and Global Affairs

For at least five rounds, debaters lock horns on challenging current affairs topics.

Receive Performance Assessment Reports

This event will chart the soft skill levels of the competitors in the event based on their given speeches.

Venue and Accommodation

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