Asif Mehedi has been associated with the debating community for eleven years now and his extensive experience in debating extends beyond speaking to all aspects of debating, including adjudicating and coaching. His experiences in debating have brought him many laurels. Asif believes that talent can be nurtured and everyone can be a champion with the right focus and training. He enjoys creating drills and setting out the pathways for students to succeed in tournaments and events. His personal journey in the debate was meaningful and it is his aspiration to share those wonderful experiences with others. He hopes to encourage others to fall in love with the exchange of ideas and opinions. While coaching, Asif's main focus is to teach students how to make impactful counterarguments that seek to challenge and undermine the validity of the claims made by an opponent.


    Worlds Grand Finalist (ESL), 2020

    Asians Open Semifinalist, 2019

    Asians Open Semifinalist, 2017