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    In her university years, she was a Grand Finalist in the United Asian Debating Championship, a Semi-finalist in the Philippine National Debate Championship, and an Open Octo-finalist in the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships. With 8 years of debate experience under her belt, she has taught classes on debate and public speaking for the summer program of the esteemed Asian Debate Institute in South Korea. She has shared her expertise in the Philippines as well, having delivered lectures for the Ateneo Debate Camp and Cebu Interschool Debating Association. 

    She has worked for the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines under the Area and Constituency Concerns Division, and later went on to work as a research associate with the Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia. She has been involved in various development projects tackling issues such as inclusive innovation, housing, resettlement, and poverty alleviation, the latest of which is a 2021 study commissioned by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) centered on promoting inclusive businesses in Asia and Latin America. 

    She is a co-founder of Metaspeak, a debate education company that aims to make public speaking and debate classes accessible to students all over the Philippines.

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    Vinodhan Kuppusamy has been associated with the debating community for nine years now and his extensive experience in debating extends beyond speaking to all aspects of debating, including adjudicating and coaching. His experiences in debating have brought him many laurels. He has been the Octo finalist in World's Championship, Australs Champion as well as the Asians Champion.

    Besides his speaking achievements, Vinodhan has been the Chief Adjudicator for Australs Championships, top five judge in the Asians and hold under his belt many more prestigious championships adjudication.

    Vinodhan believes that talent can be nurtured and everyone can be a champion with the right focus and training. His personal journey in the debate was meaningful and it is his aspiration to share those wonderful experiences with others. He hopes to encourage others to fall in love with the exchange of ideas and opinions.

    Vinod currently runs his own dispute-resolution-only legal practice focused primarily on civil and commercial litigation under the brand of Messrs. Vinodhan Kuppusamy (Advocates & Solicitors).

    Vinod has appeared as lead counsel at all tiers of the Malaysian Courts.

  • Debate

    Asian Grand Finalist, 2017

    Australs Octofinalist, 2018

    National Semi Finalist, 2016

  • Debate

    Asian Champion, 2021

    Australs Champion (ESL), 2016

    Worlds Octo Finalist, 2018

  • Adjudication

    DCA, Philippines Intervarsity (Luzon IV), 2018

    DCA, Philippines Intervarsity (Ateneo IV), 2019

    DCA, Philippines Intervarsity (Visayas IV), 2020

  • Adjudication

    Chief Adjudicator, Australs 2018

    DCA, Northeast Asia Debate Championship 2019

    Semi Finals Judge, Asian BP 2019

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