With a view to promote debate and discussions from the formative years, EduDrift organises Debating competitions to inculcate critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity among young individuals across the globe.

Our Events

EduDrift events are unique with a diverse pool of judges and participants across the globe. Keen to debate with the best? Explore our events.

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Exhibition Debates

Every round in the tournament will be accompanied by a video of a proposition-opposition exchange executed by top debating talents in the world. Participants in the event will have first-hand experience immediately after their round on how to construct and develop mature arguments in favour of their side in the motion.

Performance Reports

With the help of our esteemed international judges, EduDrift events chart the soft skill levels of the competitors in the event based on their given speeches. Judges will provide insights and comments while evaluating the creativity, confidence, teamwork, and other soft skill traits of the competitors in the round.

Post-round Commentaries

Parents and other supporting observers are often lost when watching their friends and family members speaking in a debate round. In all EduDrift events, the elimination rounds will be accompanied by post-round commentary to join the audience in a light-hearted discussion of the debate that took place.

Learn from International Adjudicators

All Judges at EduDrift events are required to be final round judges of the prestigious championships in order to be eligible to judge any EduDrift events. All Judges offer personal constructive feedback for every child in the debate after delivering the results and the justification for the call.

Debating and Public Speaking


Catch a glimpse of all the exciting awards, prizes and recognitions conferred to participants and winners of EduDrift events.

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All EduDrift accredited judges are vetted after careful consideration of their respective debating journey.

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  • The competition was extremely helpful because of the oral adjudication the judges gave. The motions were also pretty interesting to debate about.