Hybrid Debating

  • What is a Hybrid Debate competition?

    A hybrid debate competition is a tournament whereby participants will be allowed to join the event in-person or virtually. This is done in order to give consideration to attendees who will not be able to travel to the physical venue of the event.

  • How does a Hybrid Debate competition work?

    A Zoom Hall will be available to all participants of the event. The credentials to this hall will be provided to all attendees before the start of the tournament. All teams with a virtual participant will have a "V" label before their team name.

    All physical debate rooms will have corresponding Zoom Breakout Rooms. When match-ups are released, all rooms with a virtual participant attending will be labeled with a "V". Virtual participants will be allocated to the Zoom Breakout Rooms. On the other hand, in-person participants must enter the same Zoom Breakout Room as well as the physical debate rooms.

    Once the round starts, everyone apart from the speaker and the judge of the round must keep themselves muted. Furthermore, all POIs must be delivered verbally.

    If a debate room does not have any virtual participants, debaters competing in that room will not need to enter Zoom for that round.

  • What are the requirements to a Hybrid Debate competition?

    All participants to the event, regardless of whether they are joining in-person or virtually, will need to bring connectivity devices such as a laptop, a webcam, headphones, and a microphone. Virtual participants must ensure that their internet connection is stable during the tournament.