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"Debating is a one-stop formula to succeed at almost anything."

Learn Debating from Jasmine

    Jasmine Ho Abdullah is one of the most accomplished speakers that Asia - as well as the world - has ever seen, and best embodies the phrase "the best things come in small packages". Bringing a huge wealth of experience and skill, Jasmine teaches her students skills and information that are value-adding and applicable to their lives outside of debate through a manner of teaching that is both disciplined and empathetic.

  • EduDrift Debate


    Worlds Semi Finalist, 2017

    Australs Semi-Finalist, 2016

    Asians Grand Finalist, 2014

  • EduDrift | Judge


    Judge, Asia Junior Debate Championships, 2022

    Judge, Korea National Championships, 2022

    Judge, Asia Schools Open, 2019

Watch Jasmine in Action

  • In the above video, catch Jasmine H. covering the general approach, how to set up the stance of both sides and some arguments to run if you are on either side of the debate.