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"One should view a debate from multiple perspectives"

Learn Debating from Kiki

    Kiki Liew, an alumnus of the University of Macau, is one of the most accomplished debaters and judges in the North East Asian circuit. Kiki believes that talent can be nurtured and everyone can be a champion with the right focus and training. She enjoys creating drills and setting out the pathways for an individual to succeed in tournaments and events. For Kiki, Debate is a collaborative activity from speaking, judging, and coaching, and hence she strives to inculcate those values in her students.

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    Worlds Quarter Finalist (ESL), 2021

    Asians Semi Finalist, 2021

    Nationals Best Speaker, 2021

  • EduDrift | Judge


    Asians Grand Finals (ESL) Judge, 2021

    CA, Asia Juniors Debate Championships, 2022

Watch Kiki in Action

  • In the above video, catch Kiki L. covering the general approach, how to set up the stance of both sides and some arguments to run if you are on either side of the debate.