Ellie has frequently appeared as an adjudicator and debater at international debating tournaments while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney. As a debater, Ellie believes that one should view a debate from multiple perspectives and the most important skill in debating is confidence. When it comes to debating, she feels, the surest way to improve is through lots of practice. Ellie is the current coach of the NSW Debating team and has worked as a debating coach at several prestigious schools in Sydney.


    Worlds Semi Finalist, 2021

    Australs Grand Finals Judge,2020

    Nationals Semi Finalist, 2020


    Asia Schools Open, 2022

    Korea Nationals Debate Championships, 2022

    Korea Junior Debate Championships, 2022


  • In the above video, catch Ellie S. cover general approach, how to setup the stance of both sides and some arguments to run if you are on either sides of the debate towards the topic THBT South Korea should impose a Casino Entry Levy and allow its citizens to gamble at all local casinos.