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"Debating is a skill that everyone can develop."

Learn Debating From Maeca

    Maeca Pasensoy is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila University, where she was a varsity member of the Ateneo Debate Society, one of the most prestigious debate institutions in the world. Maeca's approach to debate consists of two principles of fairness and effort. As a debate coach, Maeca credits hard work and determination by instilling it as much as possible with various debate activities that keep students engaged. 

Therefore, she always makes sure to credit students who make the effort to turn a “simple” analysis into a debate-winning one by using the nuances of the round. A student can expect in her class specific comments on the round and the arguments, suggestions on how the same argument or the logic behind it can be used in different debates, and a safe space where they can ask follow-up questions or even challenge their thought process.

  • EduDrift Debate


    Worlds Octo-finalist, 2021
    Asians Grand Finalist, 2021
    Asians 2nd Best Speaker, 2021

  • EduDrift | Judge


    Asia Junior Debate Championships, 2022

    CA, Philippines Intervarsity (Visayas), 2021

    CA, Philippines Intervarsity (Ateneo), 2020