Phuket Australs Covid-19 Protocols

To mitigate the risks of COVID-19  and incorporate opportunities that are accessible for all members of the community, all participants and event attendees are required to adhere to the policies stated.

Keep in mind: All participants coming to the event will be required to bring connectivity devices such as laptops, webcams, and earphones.

  • General Guidelines

    - As per the policies of Thailand and the event's partner hotel, all participants must be fully vaccinated.
    - All participants must adhere to government issued guidelines at the time of the event.
    - Masks are not mandatory but EduDrift suggests that all participants wear them outside their hotel rooms.
    - Mandatory Covid-19 testing is not required but all participants are advised to self test prior to joining the event.

  • Event Guidelines

    Should participants begin experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, have Covid-19, or think they may have been exposed to the same, the following must be followed:

    In case the participant feels sick at the venue:
    The participant will quarantine in a hotel room and tune into the event virtually.

    In case a participant is unable to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions beyond their control:
    Special provisions will be made for such participants to attend the event virtually. They only need to ensure that they have the necessary connectivity devices such as a laptop/PC and stable internet connection.

  • Best Practices

    All participants are advised to observe the following practices:
    - In the case that you begin to feel sick, join the event from your room
    - Observe hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Wash/sanitize hands wherever necessary
    - You are advised to wear masks outside your bedrooms
    - Remain compliant with the rules and policies set by the hotel and the government of Thailand

  • Covid-19 Protocols by the Thai Government

    All Participants are required to adhere to the Covid-19 policies set by the Thai government; these capacities are subject to change. 

    To remain updated, always check the official government website of Bali regarding their travel policies. You may access said page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I participate virtually?

The tournament is not designed to be a virtual event. However, in case a participant gets covid he will be able to take part in the event virtually.

What happens if the event cannot take place due to restrictions by the Indonesian government?

If the event cannot take place in-person, EduDrift will issue a notice to inform all participants that tournament will transit to 100% online.

In this instance, Australs Accommodation Fees will be refunded subjected to hotel policy.

Edudrift guarantees 50% refund of Australs Registration Fees to participants and the entire event will take place virtually.

Will I get a refund for my air tickets?

Participants can get refunds from airlines for their air tickets subject to the carriers refund policy.

Note: Participants must comply with all safety protocols required by host hotels and venues, regardless of what is outlined above.