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"Successful speakers will always be empathetic while participating in any debate."

Learn Debating from Revan

    Revan Lim Tai Jie, has been a part of the debate community for many years now and is an accomplished debater and judge from the Malaysian circuit. Revan's personal journey in debate was meaningful and it is his aspiration to share those wonderful experiences with others. He hope to encourage others to fall in love with the exchange of ideas and opinions. Revan always fosters an environment that is conducive for learning in the sense that students get relevant and direct feedback while also knowing that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes.

  • EduDrift Debate


    Australs PDO, 2020

    Asians Octo Finalist, 2020

    Doxbridge Worlds PDO, 2021

  • EduDrift | Judge


    Asians Breaking Judge, 2020

    Australs Semi Finals (ESL) Judge, 2019

    Asians Breaking Judge, 2021

Watch Revan in Action

  • In the above video, catch Revan L. covering the general approach, how to set up the stance of both sides and some arguments to run if you are on either side of the debate.