Master the Art of Debate and Public Speaking

Learn from internationally acclaimed debate and public speaking specialists

    Engaging Lectures

    • Skill Recalibration

      Refine your debate and public speaking aptitude, learn how to better structure your speeches, and discover your unique speaking style.

    • Introduction to the Major Circuits

      Learn how to navigate the international debating scene, the exposure that comes with debate, and how to enter the major circuits.

    • Delivery Styles

      Debate and public speaking is more than delivering a speech—you have to make a statement. Learn how to speak with confidence and charisma.

    Explosive Drills

    • The Negotiation Game

      Learn the value of trade-offs and achieving your highest-order objectives in gridlock scenarios.

    • The Devil's Advocate

      Be the Devil's Advocate and provoke the discussion between the Proposition and Opposition teams.

    • Simulation Debates

      Apply what you have learned and test your skills by participating in simulation debate rounds.

    Individual & Team Based Learning

    • Quick Fire Congress

      Learn how to think quickly on your feet and defend your position against a panel of jury members.

    • Think Tanks

      Be paired with another delegate and come up with a model for the topics assigned to you.

    • Round Table Discussions

      Participate in small group activities, listen to other delegates, and unlock new perspectives on a topic.

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