With 10 years of debate experience under her belt, Victoria has taught classes on debate and public speaking for the summer program of the esteemed Asian Debate Institute in South Korea. She has shared her expertise in the Philippines as well, having delivered lectures for the Ateneo Debate Camp and Cebu Interschool Debating Association.  When it comes to debating, she feels, the surest way to improve is through lots of practice. Victoria is a co-founder of Metaspeak, a debate education company that aims to make public speaking and debate classes accessible to students all over the Philippines.


    Asian Grand Finalist, 2017

    Australs Octofinalist, 2018

    National Semi Finalist, 2016


    DCA, Philippines Intervarsity (Luzon IV), 2018

    DCA, Philippines Intervarsity (Ateneo IV), 2019

    DCA, Philippines Intervarsity (Visayas IV), 2020


  • In the above video, catch Victoria B. cover general approach, how to setup the stance of both sides and some arguments to run if you are on either sides of the debate towards the topic THW allow victims to have a say in the punishments meted out to bullies.