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14-15 JAN 2023 | EduDrift

In-Person | Asia Debating Camp (Summit, 7-17 Years)

In-Person | Asia Debating Camp (Summit, 7-17 Years)

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Camp Segments

  • Seminars

    Join discussions and learn from internationally acclaimed debate and public speaking specialists

  • Workshops

    Engage with other delegates and complete rigourous activities in a fail-safe environment

  • Travel Abroad

    Cease the opportunity to travel abroad after two long years of remote learning and virtual events

  • Competitive Debating

    Watch the grand finals of the Asia Schools Open and see what it takes to be an Asian debate champion.

  • Networking Sessions

    Network and interact with your peers by engaging in the scheduled socialization and team building activities.

  • Culture Exchange

    Meet new friends and build meaningful relationships with peers from different corners of the world

Camp Venue