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Virtual | China National Championships - Public Speaking (7-17 years)

Virtual | China National Championships - Public Speaking (7-17 years)

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About the Event

The Korea National Championships - Public Speaking is a national tournament for elementary, middle, and high school students aged 7 to 17 years old. Organized by EduDrift, the event aims to provide a platform for young students to showcase their public speaking skills in the English language.

The Championship is a celebration of excellence in public speaking and is an opportunity for young students to compete and earn recognition in these disciplines.

The tournament is open to all students in the specified age group, and is an inclusive and safe space for students to engage in public speaking and debating. With its focus on English language proficiency, the Championship is an important event in the academic calendar for students in their pre-university level of study. It is a chance for students to build confidence and develop their communication skills.

The Championship is a showcase of talent and skill, and is an exciting opportunity for young students to compete and excel in public speaking and parliamentary debating. It is a prestigious event that is sure to inspire and motivate students to pursue their passions in these disciplines.

  • Upcoming Edition

    21-22 October 2023


    GMT+8, Singapore

  • Format

    100% Virtual
    English Public Speaking
    Modified WIDPSC

  • Eligibility

    7-17 years
    Pre-University Students
    South Korea

Event at a Glance

  • 2 Preliminary Rounds

  • 3 Mini Tournament Seminars

  • Participation Certificate

  • Performance Assessment Report

Tournament Essentials

All participants are expected to have Zoom and Slack prepared and downloaded ion advance and are required to be on video. As such, participants must enter the tournament with a strong internet connection, a functioning webcam, and audio devices.

  • Zoom

  • Slack

  • WiFi

  • Headphones

  • Webcam

  • Microphone

Learning Outcomes

  • Soft Skills

    Non-technical talents that relate to how one operates are known as soft skills. Soft skills are the foundation for developing strong relationships. These qualities make it simpler to forge connections, build trust and dependability, and lead teams, whether with peers or family members. Students who recognize the importance of soft skills early on are better able to master their studies, complete their student obligations smoothly, make more acquaintances who may be useful in the future, and present themselves more effectively to professors who may play a key role in their future careers.

    Students should develop soft skills for the benefit of their education as well as their professional jobs because they are directly related to greater academic accomplishment.

  • Public Speaking

    Speaking at events and conferences is a good way of building credibility.

    Effective public speaking skills can help with career advancement, as they indicate creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism—qualities that are very valuable for the job market.

    Furthermore, Public speaking can significantly boost your confidence. Overcoming the fears and insecurities that accompany public speaking is empowering. Moreover, connecting with audiences can be a strong reminder that you have valuable insights and opinions to share with the world.

General Guidelines

  • Pre-Tournament

    1. Ensure that you have prepared all tournament essentials and materials needed for the event.
    Download Slack and Zoom both on your computer and phone; make sure that your connectivity devices are working as intended.

    2. Check that your name and age category is correctly reflected in the participant list and Tab.

    3. Invitations to join Slack will be sent out to successfully registered participants. Participants must then accept the invitation to join the workspace and create their accounts.

    4. Change your Slack Display name to [Group]_[Name in the Tab]
    e.g.: Group A_Geri Ami5. Familiarize yourself with Slack
    e.g.: replying in threads, posting concerns in the correct channels

    6. Take note of the Zoom log-in credentials for the tournament (credentials will be posted on the #convening-hall in Slack)

    7. Change your zoom display name to [Group]_[Name in the Tab]
    e.g.: Group A_Geri Ami8. Download the tournament’s virtual background and set the same as your Zoom background

  • Tournament Proper

    1. Keep yourself muted in the main Zoom room. All questions and clarifications must be directed to the appropriate helpdesks on Slack.

    2. Follow naming conventions and protocols

    3. Be respectful of other participants

    4. Stay in the appropriate breakout rooms at ALL times

    5. Do NOT share the zoom links with anyone