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Virtual | New Zealand Debate Open

Virtual | New Zealand Debate Open

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About the Event

Australia Debate Open is a prestigious debate competition for students in the middle, high school, and university levels of education. The tournament will be held in the Asian 3v3 Format, where teams are composed of 3 members.

The Championship is a celebration of excellence in debating, and is an opportunity for young students to earn recognition for their achievements in this discipline. Teams in the tournament will need to deliver three 7-minute substantive speeches and one four-minute reply speech. It is a chance for students to build confidence and develop their communication skills, and to be recognized for their achievements in debating.

Australia Debate Open is a prestigious event that will inspire and motivate young students to pursue their passions in debating. It is an exciting opportunity for students to compete and excel in parliamentary debating.

  • Tournament Dates

    16-17 September 2023
    08:00-18:30, GMT+8

  • Format

    100% Virtual

    British Parliamentary Format

  • Eligibility

    Middle/High School, University

    13 years old and above

Event at a Glance

  • 5 Preliminary Rounds

  • Participation Certificate

  • Award Certificate