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Virtual | Debate and Public Speaking Winter Camp

Virtual | Debate and Public Speaking Winter Camp

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  • Tournament Dates

    14-15 January 2023

  • Format


    Asian Parliamentary (3v3)

  • Eligibility

    07-13 years old

    Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Workshop Topics

  • Racial Discrimination

    Learn about societal prejudice, micro-aggressions, and other aggressions that racial minorities face.

  • War and Peace

    Lean about war and those involved. From understanding soldiers who are sent to war to those they seek to protect.

  • Environment

    Learn about sustainable development, pollution, and the challenges the human race faces in the next few decades.

  • Justice

    Learn about the impact crime has on society and explore the methods to deal with them through law.

  • Terrorism

    Learn about political activists, terrorists, and vigilantes. This class focuses on the various tactics used by terrorists and the aims of their organizations.