Inspira Kids

, Australia

At Inspira Kids, we pride ourselves in making the early learning experience something where the imagination drives creativity
and inspires children’s learning with a greater appetite, while providing the children with lifelong abilities to learn and provide creative solutions to everyday life.

We are committed to providing a welcoming, relaxed, safe and natural environment for all children,
their families and our community.
Adopted by top schools in the US, UK and Singapore, Inspira Kids is the first early learning centre in
Australia to offer Habits of Mind™ to our children. Our most fundamental commitment is to create an
atmosphere where children feel respected, loved and valued – a place where childhood is celebrated:
a place of warmth, fun, joy, and laughter, a ‘safe’ place. A place, where children can begin to understand
themselves through their interactions within a supportive learning community and where they can create their own unique ‘culture of childhood’.
Through active listening and observation, we try to understand how each of us perceives our world and how parents,
children and teachers can all work together, to enlighten and enrich our views.

Popular Programs
$ 575.00 average price/session