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Clarice Tee

Clarice is a senior debate and public speaking professional known for devising deep analytical into British-Parliamentary debating. She is known for her strong ability to deliver impactful insights to problem-solving, topic management abilities, and the ability to lead and inspire competitive debate teams to excellence.

As an award-winning debater, Clarice is a National Champion and an Asian Grand Finalist in the British-Parliamentary debate format. She remains active in the field and is extensively invited to teach and speak at seminars, workshops, and competitions in Northeast Asia. Clarice was a core member of the adjudication teams and worked on topic construction and balance for the CUDS Open (South Korea), Asia Pro-Ams (Malaysia), and Luzon IV (Philippines). Clarice represented the Philippines at the World Schools Debating Championships and the University of the Philippines (Diliman) at the United Asian Debating Championships.

Clarice is currently an educator in debate and public speaking specializing in ages 13-17 but has been known to teach varsity-level competitive debating. Her main clients for debate and public speaking include the Immaculate Conception Academy.
Intermediate Debating | (2hrs) Sat, 02:00PM
Teen (13-17 Yrs)
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