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180 minutes


Debate (English)

Class Size

20 persons

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Program Information

  • Weekly Class
  • Debate (English)
  • Taught in English
  • Location: 100% Online
  • Held on Zoom Meeting
  • 20 student(s) per class
  • Duration: 180 minutes
  • Suitable for: University
  • Level: Beginner
About this class
Learning the foundations of debate is crucial to developing critical thinking skills and strong communication capabilities. Here, students will learn the basics of debate formats, learn the basics of argumentation and rebuttal, and learn the different approaches that come with various topics and debate motions. There will also be a heavy emphasis on critical thinking skills such as framing, model building, argument construction, and rebuttal construction. This University Beginner Course is meant for those who wish to learn about debate and be introduced to the complexities that come with the sport! This course is designed for those who know of public speaking and wish to master the skills that come with it in a fun and learning environment.

Whether a student is familiar with debate or not, this course aims to ensure that they are in the best position to break in tournaments, as well as perform to the best of their abilities in challenges that come their way in the sport! Here, students will be introduced to the basics of debate as a format of public speaking. There will also be introductions to argument formation, rebuttal construction, as well as identifying key issues that come with different motions. Alongside the basics of debate, students will also learn more complex skills such as framing and characterization in debate, matter loading, and research skills for different debate topics, as well as model building. Heavy emphasis will be placed on ensuring that these skills are mastered over time. Through collaborative activities and healthy discussions, students will also get a chance to engage in practice debate rounds to apply the lessons learned. Students will also be having personalized feedback on their performances as they progress through the training and track their progress in a timely manner.
Curriculum and Learning Outcomes
  • Developing a unique debating style that fits their own style of speaking.
  • Learning the different types of debate formats, their rules, as well as their importance in competitive debating.
  • Continue development of the ability to effectively evaluate both individual and peer contributions to a debate discussion during preparation time in debate rounds.
  • Crafting responses through analysis of examples, framing of issues and strategic setup.
  • Understanding the different ways of approaching responses to argumentation.
  • Analyzing and supporting ideas and arguments by citing textual evidence
  • Effectively substantiating ideas with the use of real world examples and situations to aid in the persuasion of speeches.
  • Learning how to effectively world-build in policy motions.
  • Learning how to identify key issues in a debate round and summarize them effectively in speeches.
  • Understanding complex concepts surrounding us such as feminism, political philosophies etc.
Inclusive of
  • Interactive online learning experience
  • Individual feedback from specialist
Not Inclusive of
  • Equipment rental cost (E.g. music instruments)
  • Material cost (E.g. paint, canvas, art board)
Right to Refuse Participation
  • The Specialist reserves the right to refuse participation if, within reasonable discretion, they determine that:
  • Action is necessary for reasons of safety or security of the student.
  • The conduct of the student is such as to cause reasonable fear of harm to other participants.
  • The student cannot prove that he/she is the person named on the approved booking.
  • The booking and/or payment of the class has been done fraudulently.
  • The student has not observed, or to fail to observe, instructions required for the conduct of the class.
  • The applicable fare or any charges payable have not been paid in full
  • Failure to do arrive on time. We recommend arriving for the class 10 minutes early.
  • Prior experience may be required for certain classes. We recommend confirming the details with the specialist prior to booking.
Approval & Confirmation
  • You will receive proof of your booking instantly via email
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email
  • Unsuccessful registration(s) will not be charged
  • All confirmed bookings are only valid for use on the specific date and time
  • Names of confirmed students on the tickets are not transferable
Cancellation Policy
  • > 30 days before Start Date: 100% refund
  • > 14 days before Start Date: 50% refund
  • > 7 days before Start Date: 25% refund
  • < 7 days before Start Date: 0% refund


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
Once your booking is approved by the specialist, your booking is non-refundable. Your booking information cannot be altered. Unless specified, your booking is non-transferable to another customer or student.
Can I enrol for trial classes?
Yes, you can enrol for paid-trial classes. You can simply book a trial/single class for every weekly class program.
Is the program 100% online?
This program is 100% online. Online programs are conducted via Zoom or Google classroom. Make sure you have your Zoom and/or Google classroom accounts ready before your program begins. You are expected to be punctual for your program booking. If you are late for your weekly classes, no time extension will be provided. You cannot reschedule or change your program day and time.
When do I receive my booking confirmation?
Upon successful payment, you will receive confirmation of your booking within 24 hours via email. In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email. If your booking is not confirmed by the specialist within 24 hours, you will get a full refund for your booking.
What background knowledge is necessary?
EduDrift programs are divided into three categories according to their difficulty level, namely, beginner, intermediate and advance. Beginner level classes do not require any background knowledge or specialisation in the subject. Intermediate and advance level classes might require prior knowledge and specialisation for the subject. You can view the program overview to understand the pre-requisites for enrolling in the program.


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